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"If there is a defect, Robby will find it!"   -Richard

"Thank you so much for your thorough inspection!"  -Tim & Laura

"Thank you, Robby!  We never would have identified the issues that you found.  Will recommend you!"  -Bob

"You saved us from making an expensive mistake!  Can't thank you enough!"  -Donny & Vicki

"Great job, Robby!  We are glad we chose YOU!"  -Janet & Kenny

"We are so happy that our realtor recommended you!  Hopefully, everyone is as lucky!"  -Sharon & Mike

"What a great value!  Your inspection report provided us with invaluable information that we never would have considered."  -Tim

"Robby, from the beginning, I could tell that you put your heart into your work." -Jim

"Thank you for inspecting my property, as if it were your own!"  -Eric

"Your clear and logical thinking brought clarity to our decision." -Josh & Angela

"Thank you for not exaggerating the defects you found and for offering an easy solution to the problem!"  -Bill & Kathy

"Awesome inspection, we learned so much about our future home during our walkthru."  -Curt & Sue

"Thanks for your advice on how to cure our landscaping problem areas.  Worked great!"  -Ken & Trisha

"Robby, we are so grateful that you could do our home inspection because we know how much time and effort you put into it.  Our realtor said she was so impressed with how thorough you were.  She has seen many inspections before, but hasn't ever seen anyone put so much detail into it.  You found out more than any other inspector could have.  Thank you so much - now we can feel safe and comfortable in our new home!"   -Kaydee and Cameron

"We couldn't have asked for a more thorough inspection.  Thank you sharing your expertise and knowledge with us, it made our experience very reassuring!"  -Brent & Jodi